Friday, March 26, 2010


Welcome to my new blog/site for my life, school, video games, and most importantly, my newest project, Digimon World: AI.

This is a game which is a self-sustained world in which you may log-in with a "Navigation Digimon", or "Navi Digimon", and explore the world, interact with the inhabitants, and enhance/build upon the world.

This is NOT an online game. Your computer/flash drive/whatever will host it's own world. This means that everyone's world can be personalized and built around the player.

As you advance through the game, time will pass, days will come and go, Digimon will appear (and if your not careful, disappear), cities will be built, teams will be formed, and oh so much more! Eventually, I hope to make it possible for you to entirely terraform your world to mold it in any way you could want, but that dreams far away. There is a ton of stuff you can do for now though, so get out there, download it, power up your Navi and get to expanding the world of Digimon...

...Oh, wait...I forgot that it's not finished yet, sorry. I'm working hard on it though so don't worry, you'll see it soon. Until then, surf the site and help me work on the first Beta. Cya then!


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  1. hey Code. sounds like a great project! hope to see it soon! ^_-