Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pizza Is In High Demand...Times Are Hard!

Okay, on the radio yesterday I heard a wacky story. Now this actually happened.

So a pizza guy was, well, delivering pizza, just a $7 medium pepperoni pizza, and this other guy comes up to him with a gun and a stick. And the gun guy has two other guys for some back-up. Anyways, the pizza guy freaks out and runs, then the gun guy's back-up grabs the pizza guy, takes the pizza, then the gun guy and his back-up run into a shed and the pizza guy calls the cops. When the gun guy and his back-up hear the sirens they barricade themselves inside the shed and the cops end up having to call in the swat team! All over a $7, medium, pepperoni pizza...Wow...

I'd say that my favorite part is, "The guy comes up to him with a gun...and a stick." This was the DJ's favorite bit too and he says, "What, the guy thinks 'Hey, I'm not sure if I can take this guy down with just a gun, I'd better grab a tree branch'?"
It was great. People amaze me.


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