Thursday, April 15, 2010

Road Block & A New Direction

Okay, I regret to say that I have hit a bunch of road blocks in programing the Digimon World AI. I have done all that I can but there are just too many bugs in the way which would take the better part of a year to clear up. So, I have decided to dump the project. It was the very last thing I wanted to do but it eventually became unavoidable. I deeply apologize for this.

On the upside, I have a new idea which is already ready to play. This is a game I had been working on over the summer and finished up last month. I call it the "Dot Matrix: Cages". It is basically a Digimon v-pet for your computer except for some changes. One of these changes is that you digivolve your digimon by winning battles. This proves to have much potential and, although only in its first Beta, it is a well made emulation of a v-pet. It will be up on the site soon on the Downloads page so be sure to check back often. I hope you love it!